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Waiting for spring lambs...

18 pregnant ewes are in their last several weeks of pregnancy, due to give birth to 2020's lambs starting April 10th.

Almost all of last spring's lambs were either sold or joined the Greenfield Grazing ewe flock to become mothers themselves. We did keep one particularly promising ram lamb to sell as a yearling, or perhaps to keep if we can get some un-related ewes to breed him with.

A high point of the 2019 growing season was being invited to provide lamb to our local farm-to table eatery Granor Farm. Granor showcased local farms throughout the season, finishing up in February with our farm. Abra Berens, the award winning chef at Granor , created an outstanding menu with lamb prepared in a variety of delicious ways. What an honor and a delight!

We are looking forward to greening pastures and new lambs!

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