We are excited to have our website up and running. With this blog, we hope to stay in touch and let you know what is going on at Greenfield Grazing.

The grass is sending up a flush of late season growth, helped along by the cooler temperatures and a little rain. The sheep are all eating grass contentedly, except one. That one is our new ram #18007 bred by Alyssa Lipaj in Heath, Ohio. He's a fine creature and seems to be in perfect health but, like all new sheep, he has to spend two weeks in quarantine as a precaution before he

can join the flock. The problem is that sheep are flock animals and do not like to be alone. It makes them feel on edge, I think.

Only four days of quarantine are left. Then we will introduce # 18007 (or J.B. as we call him, for James Bond) to the other rams, supervising carefully to make sure they get along. In late November, J.B. will be turned in with the ewes born this Spring. If all goes well, he will be the father of many new lambs next April. And so goes the circle of life!


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