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Royal White® Sheep

From our farm to your table

At Greenfield Grazing, we strive for quality rather than quantity, bringing our customers a healthful, consistent product with an exceptional taste. 

Our Mission

What We Do

We sell delicious pasture raised lamb from our farm in Buchanan, Michigan directly to you.

Here is how it works: Pre-order and reserve your lamb by using the order form below and pick up your order at the farm. Our lambs are born in the Spring and usually harvested in the Fall. We will let you know when your lamb has been processed and is ready for you.

2021 lambs will be born in March.

What are Royal White® Sheep?

The Royal White® is a new breed of hair sheep developed by William Hoag  in the 1990's and trademarked in 2003.


Royal Whites were developed by crossing Dorper and St. Croix hair sheep and selecting for performance, production, and quality meat. Thanks to Mr. Hoag's efforts, we now have a modern, meaty hair sheep of medium size that gains well on pasture forage.


The ewes give birth easily and have excellent milk production and mothering instincts. We have found them to be sensible, easy-going animals who are easy to manage. They do not require shearing or docking but form a dense, weather-resistant hair coat in Winter that sheds in Spring. They are both cold and heat tolerant; resilient sheep for the future.

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